Public Private Partnerships

NEXA Capital is America’s most experienced advisor and syndicator of Public Private Partnerships for infrastructure programs. NEXA has been at the forefront of NextGen infrastructure renewal initiatives, and has launched multiple special purpose vehicles to provide innovative financing solutions for the commercial and general aviation communities and the emerging unmanned aircraft systems industry.

NEXA’s public private partnership offerings tap aerospace industry investment and federal loan guarantees, to create alternative funding sources for equipage installation and investment in infrastructure renewal and rollout. In 2012, NEXA successfully obtained special legislation from Congress to make use of Treasury Guarantees to accelerate NextGen programs between now and 2020.

Key Principles behind Innovative Financing Contracts

Significant interest exists among private sector investors to put long term capital to work in civil infrastructure under the right terms. The key principles behind innovative financing in PPPs begins with four elements that, in whole or in part, can benefit stakeholders:

  • Private Capital Availability, Equity and Debt
  • Risk Allocation and Private Sector Discipline
  • Accountability and Incentives
  • Secured Cash Flows


NEXA Capital PPPs

NextGen GA Fund

UAS America Fund