NEXA on Transformation

Over the next twenty years, the aerospace and transportation sectors will undergo fundamental changes as world economies attempt to address core economic, infrastructure and operational challenges.

These changes are driven by a complex combination of continuing expansion of the global economy, sector disintermediation, rampant commodity inflation, and the pace of technological change. All are underscored by financial market uncertainty, environmental pressures and continuing security concerns.

We seek outstanding deals in specific sectors for our investment partners, where transformational ideas and effective management teams can benefit from NEXA expertise and working capital:

NEXA’s Priority Sectors:


  • Aerospace supply chain, products and services
  • Air traffic management, including NextGen
  • Software and specialized outsourcing, including expert consulting
  • Advanced technologies in avionics and operations
  • Clean technologies, fuels and propulsion systems
  • Unmanned and autonomous systems

Commercial and business aviation sector

  • New passenger service models and approaches
  • Security solutions consistent with industry and government objectives and requirements
  • Support businesses, including ground services, maintenance, fuel, and training
  • Alternative fuels and other clean technologies

Maritime sector

  • People and goods tracking at terminals, including access control
  • Container management and Specialized tracking software applications
  • Shipping vessels and related support businesses

Rail sector

  • Infrastructure and clean technologies
  • Multi-modal facilities
  • Transit safety and security systems
  • Rail supply chain

Geomatics and spatial systems sector

  • Geomatics technologies and spacial information systems
  • Next generation satellite navigation (ADS-B)
  • GPS, DGPS, WAAS, EGNOS, Galileo