Strategic Advisory

NEXA Advisors provides rigorous strategic advisory services formed from years of experience working in our industry. We can point to exciting examples of transformational business models in the aerospace supply chain, business aviation, air traffic management, homeland security, energy and clean technologies, and geomatics.

NEXA's Advisory Capabilities

Value Based Management Consulting

Committed to delivering enterprise value through innovation, NEXA Advisors collaborates with our clients to help them become high-performance businesses. Commercial solutions include:

  • Business Plan Validation
  • Market Research/Forecasting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Integration of our advisory, consulting, technology and alliance services with our affiliates, investors and partners to provide fundamental advantages

The ultimate measure for the success of our workflow analysis is its ability to drive and deliver enterprise value.

Public Sector Strategies

Success in transportation requires a comprehensive approach for dealing with legislators, regulators, and other key shareholders. Our expertise:

  • Understanding and driving relevant policies
  • Complying with rules and requirements, and in select cases, creating solutions where policy makers seek assistance
  • Leadership in NextGen and other key transportation initiatives

NEXA develops legislative strategies for businesses, for their lobbyists and other specialized consultants, supports procurement activities, and regulatory process monitoring, and helps clients navigate the complexities of Washington.